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Security demands in all sectors are diverse and often unique to the specific industry or enterprise. Successful protection depends on two broad factors—the human and the technical. As most managements appreciate, the behaviour of users can endanger valuable data and even the organisation itself. It may be simple error, foolish, ignorant or malicious. Phishing, for example, depends entirely on duping users and so a combination of training, vigilance and continuous review of access permissions and business processes is essential.

Since 1997 Commtech has recognised the central importance of ICT security and built an experienced and skilled specialist team which is well known for providing effective solutions from our global leading vendor partners.

Commtech offers both expertise in the design and architecture of ICT security systems and a comprehensive range of products and services, from anti-malware and intrusion prevention to real-time anomaly detection and appropriate reaction. The smartest security tools today incorporate real-time analytics and sophisticated responses that manage security without impairing corporate processes.

Effective digital security today is a constantly evolving set of technology and a specialist discipline. Because the threats are constant and legal and ethical compliance is mandatory, security is in many respects the most important aspect of digital investment and transformation. It needs to be designed and built in to all systems, yet constantly changing and developing. Commtech enables resellers and their clients to deliver the most reliable ICT security available today.

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